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Criticism after all

Why the talk is inspiring?

One talks about it, one calls for it, but in the end, one would rather avoid it. In the matter of architecture and urbanism, criticism is a spoilsport. Nevertheless it could stimulate the players and bring citizens to a better understanding of the way their built environment is changing. What are the goals and means of criticism in the present time of love and hate? Valéry Didelon will reflect on this from his ten years of experience as editor of the Paris-based journal criticat.

The lecture will be held at MO museum (Pylimo g. 17, Vilnius). The start is at 20.00. The event is free.



Valéry Didelon

How the speaker is exceptional?

Valéry Didelon is an architect, historian and architecture critic. He is a historian of architecture, received his doctoral degree from the University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne, and defended his thesis in 2010 on The reception of Learning from Las Vegas. He is a professor at the École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Paris-Malaquais where he teaches theory and design. He publishes extensively in architecture magazines and is the editor of Criticat, a bi-annual journal he co founded in 2008. He is the author of several books including La controverse Learning from Las Vegas published (2010) and Yours critically: writings on architecture from issues 1-10 of Criticat (2016).


Yours Critically: writings on architecture from issues 1-10 of criticat, 2016.

Françoise Fromonot, Valéry Didelon, Pierre Chabard

Why the book is worth reading?

“Yours Critically” is a collection of writings on architecture from the Paris-based Criticat. Eschewing ideological biases and arid theoretical stances, these writings offer critical inquiry into and analysis of specific buildings and architectural topics in approachable, engaging language. This anthology will appeal to architects and non-architects alike, indeed, to anyone curious about how our built environment reflects and informs the social, political, and cultural forces shaping our world.