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#6 Process

Dense Structure - Stressed Structures

Why the talk is inspiring?

Anton Garcia-Abril works both with reordered nature and with prefabricated systems; with dense and tense structures. From the small scale of the house to the bigger scale of the city. From individual private wills to collective public needs. Where the construction systems used not only solve a structural problem but also configure the space, define the materiality, provide the expression of the architecture, and use the available resources in a responsible way. Along with the technical discourse, socio-economical and landscape issues are brought into the debate, where architecture should contribute much more and much better.



Antón García-Abril

How the speaker is exceptional?

Antón García-Abril, (Madrid, 1969) is a European PhD Architect and associate professor in the School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (E.T.S.A.M.-U.P.M.)
There is a constant research work in his projects which are exposed structures that explore the essence of materials to create space.



Eduardo Torroja

Why the book is worth reading?

Eduardo Torroja published his book “Reason and nature of structural types”, which became so much more than just a textbook of structural engineering. It describes not only the principles of structural behaviour of different materials, and their uses, but also searches for it’s philosophical background. The book reveals the mental, logical and emotional layers of creating structural systems, and passes the experience of whole career of E.Torroja. Book questions technical aspects along with it’s esthetical side of structural engineering, possibilities of every type of line or plane, the importance of project leader and project team. This books many concepts, ideas, sketches and lessons will be avidly consumed by every architect, engineer or academic, caring about the questions of structural engineering.