#24 Beloved Architecture

Gezellig - Ideal home

Why the talk is inspiring?

If you ask the Dutch what their ideal house looks like, you are likely to get an answer that contains the untranslatable adjective “gezellig”.

In his role of architectural supervisor, which position should the urban designer take towards architectural style – especially when a dichotomy surfaces between home owners and architects? Martin Biewenga will share his experiences and invite the audience to a debate on the topic “Beloved Architecture”.

The lecture starts on the 7th of March, 20:00.

The lecture will be held at MO museum, Pylimo st. 17, Vilnius. The lecture will be in English language. The event is free.

Before the lecture, at 18:00 there will be an Ila Beka & Luise Lemoine film „Voyage autour de la Lune“ screening. Tickets for the film are for sale at: http://www.kinopasaka.lt/lt/filmai/voyage-autour-de-la-lune



Martin Biewenga

How the speaker is exceptional?

Martin Biewenga is an urban designer and partner of West 8 in Rotterdam, a leading practice known for their award-winning public spaces, parks, urban plans and design elements. With over 30 years of experience in planning and supervising residential projects, West 8 has dealt with evolving architectural preferences and styles from a wide range of groups: architects, developers, planning authorities and home-owners. Operating at the intersection, the urban designer has to continuously balance forces in pursue of a neighborhood that is above all pleasant and safe to live in – both in the short and long run.