#1 2010 = 1990 + 20 years of independent architecture

Homosexual aspects in national architecture

Why the talk is inspiring?

During the 20th anniversary of Lithuanian independence the architectural processes are analyzed with hunger and demands, through deep cuts, unexpected juxtapositions and panoramic insights, based on speaker’s good knowledge of internal processes. Self-critical diagnosis on the national architecture can become the end of contraceptive reforms and the assumption to appear for a compact architectural revolution.



Audrys Karalius

How the speaker is exceptional?

An architect, a tutor and organizer of many architectural and interdisciplinary events, critic of architecture, “Pilotas.lt” editor. Audrys Karalius is the conservator of national cultural qualities and researcher of city anthropology. He represents Lithuania as the independent expert for European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture (Mies van der Rohe fund).



Mikalojus Vilutis

Why the book is worth reading?

The book is focused, consistent, with a clear value definition on the issues of existence. The author as a visual background holder investigates these values with a gallant and witty style. In addition, the book is fairly thin, so easily possible to read through even for the ordinary e_person.