How to fear being wrong?

Why the talk is inspiring?

How can the fear of being wrong affect one’s life? In what ways can the fear of making mistakes be harmful or helpful? Should the fear of being wrong always be overcome? Vitalijus will discuss the topic from the perspective of a practicing psychologist.



Vitalijus Gafurovas

How the speaker is exceptional?

Vitalijus Gafurovas is a clinical psychologist, a graduate in psychology from Vilnius University, a martial arts master, a comedian in his spare time and a co-author of a podcast about psychology “Dialogue”. Vitalijus works mainly with adults, occasionally with professional athletes or teams.


The Inner Game of Tennis

Timothy Gallwey

Why the book is worth reading?

At first glance, this may seem like a book about tennis (which it is), yet it is a story about the ordinary, though not always obvious, things that prevent people from performing their best, and not just in sports. It is no coincidence that the book is still being read by experts and the curious alike almost 50 years later. For it is one of those rare occasions when a non-psychologist writes an excellent book on psychology.