In the lap of the gods

Why the talk is inspiring?

The lecture will present different projects and researches of the STAR strategies + architecture focusing on one of the latest project entitled “Co-Residence: Habiter en Grand”. Co-Residence applies the contemporary spirit of ‘sharing’ that is being more and more adopted in our culture in the form of co-working, bicycle sharing systems, or car-pooling, to housing. It is the ambitious idea that the domestic scale, the 1:100, the apartment floor plan, can contribute to solving a problem on a metropolitan scale, the 1:100.000. And therefore everything that matters at the metropolitan level: Density, Activity, Proximity, Governance… will be extrapolated to the most minimal expression of ‘urban planning’: the apartment.

The conversation is arranged in collaboration with VGTU Faculty of Architecture.



Beatriz Ramo

How the speaker is exceptional?

Beatriz Ramo is an architect and urban designer from Spain. She lives in Rotterdam where she founded STAR strategies + architecture in 2006. STAR is a practice dealing with architecture in all its forms.Several prizes in international competitions for architecture and urban planning in the Netherlands, China, Iceland, Lebanon, Norway, France and Spain have gained STAR international recognition. Since 2012 Beatriz Ramo is part of the Scientific Council of the AIGP – Atelier International du Grand Paris, together with 13 other architects advising the French Government about the development of the Parisian metropolis and working in research projects such as the ‘Co-Résidence’. STAR remains continuously active in research and writings. Beatriz Ramo collaborates with MONU magazine as contributing/managing editor, and she worked at OMA – Office for Metropolitan Architecture before founding STAR.


Architecture Words 1: Supercritical

Peter Eisenman & Rem Koolhaas

Why the book is worth reading?

The book is a transcription of a legendary event where the two architects exchange their vision on architecture. In January 2006 Peter Eisenman joined Rem Koolhaas at the Architectural Association for an evening of conversation about architecture, ideology, and the city. Each architect states his views about the terms of architecture, including its theories and relationship to the city and other forms of critical and cultural practice.




Edwin A. Abbott

Why the book is worth reading?

The classic story Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin A. Abbott was first published in 1884. Both the original and this version of the story are written for a general audience, and tell the story of a two-dimensional figure who discovers three-dimensions and contemplates other dimensions as well. The story introduces and reinforces mathematical and especially geometric concepts, and also engages in social commentary, as part of a fantastical story.