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Modernism in Estonia: From Industrialist's Villa to Kolkhoz Centre

Why the talk is inspiring?

Why Estonia has been eager to follow Modernism?
What can Modernism in architecture tell us about the country?
Soviet Estonian Modernism as continuation of pre-war capitalist Modernism?
How it was possible to practice the avant garde architecture in Soviet Estonia of stagnation period?



Mart Kalm (EE)

How the speaker is exceptional?

Art History professor, critic, dean in the Estonian Academy of arts. Main fields of research – interwar architecture and culture in Estonia, modern Nordic and Baltic architecture. One of two his thesis of dissertations he made in Moscow,  gave lectures in Columbian university. Active member of DOCOMOMO.


Eesti XX sajandi arhitektuur / Estonian 20th C architecture

Mart Kalm

Why the book is worth reading?

Although a survey book it tries to interpret how the Modernism found its way to Estonia. My aim has been to explain the similarities and differences of pre-war capitalist and post-war socialist modernisation in Estonian built environment.