Using our city as an urban space lab

Why the talk is inspiring?

Aiming for a revived urban space, the successful collaboration between the municipality of Trondheim and architecture students from the NTNU Live Studio initiative have resulted in several temporary urban design projects in the city center. These co-creational processes involve both private and public stakeholders, letting the students use the city as an urban space lab. NTNU Live Studio facilitates the learning process of architecture and planning through live projects. Real people, real commitment, real impact.

The talk is held on October 6th, Thursday, 7.00 p.m. at the Vytautas Magnus university (VMU), science and study center, Putvinskio str., 23, Kaunas.Entrance is free of charge.



Kristin Solhaug Naess

How the speaker is exceptional?

Now working for the municipality of Trondheim, Kristin has spent her time as an architecture student engaging in collaborations with the municipality, to test how co-creational urban space projects trigger the use of public space. She is a part of the NTNU Live Studio, that’s been awarded in 2015 with the education quality award, and founded the Studio Beta movement, an incubator for student initiated projects.


„Architecture and Participation“

Jeremy Till ir kt.

Why the book is worth reading?

Focusing on the whys and the hows of approaches to Participation processes in architecture and planning during the last fifty years, this book really helped me to understand the context we are working in.