#8 Place. Anthropology of space

Water and Light in Soviet Architecture and Film of 1930s and 1940s [lecture cancelled]

Why the talk is inspiring?

The obsession with water, which could be seen in the General Plan for the Reconstruction of Moscow (1935) and in the Soviet films of the 1930-40s, reveals both the terrible state of water supply and sewage systems in Moscow at that time and the symbolic understanding of water as a source of life and the central element of urban planning.



Vladimir Paperny

How the speaker is exceptional?

Vladimir Paperny graduated from Stroganov Art Academy in Moscow and received his PhD in Cultural Studies from the Russian State University for the Humanities. His PhD thesis Architecture in the age of Stalin. Culture Two was published in Russian (Moscow, 1996, 2006) and in English (Cambridge University Press, 2003, 2011). Since moving to the US in 1981, Dr. Paperny was visiting professor at USC, UCLA, Woodrow Wilson Center, and Bristol University, UK. He also worked as Art Director (Orange Coast Magazine, The Workbook), Director of Marketing and Advertising (Integrated Ceilings, a subsidiary of US Gypsum). He now works at his studio in Los Angeles, alternating between design, writing, video production and research. His articles, essays and columns (in both English and Russian) appear in such publications as Snob, Architectural Digest, Project Russia, Speech and many others. His collections of essays include Mos Angleles, Mos Angeles-2 (NLO, 2004, 2009) and Fuck Context? (TATLIN, 211).


Architecture in the Age of Stalin. Culture Two

Why the book is worth reading?

The book contains the background material for my presentation.