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Continuity and change in the architecture of educational buildings

Why the talk is inspiring?

It is important to strengthen the connection between the fields of re-use and real estate develop-ment. The restoration of heritage must be given a more prominent role as an alternative in resolv-ing the demands on the market. Apart from economical and environmental benefits, heritage and history can inspire the social and cultural development of children and young adults.

The conversation is arranged in collaboration with VGTU Faculty of Architecture.

The talk is held on March 22th at the National Art Gallery (NDG), Konstitucijos av. 22, Vilnius.

Entrance is free of charge.



Sander Nelissen

How the speaker is exceptional?

Sander Nelissen graduated from the Technical University of Delft in 1993. He is a partner-director at Wessel de Jonge architecten (Rotterdam, NL), a leading office in the Netherlands concerning the restoration and re-use of 20th century buildings. The office’s portfolio includes icons of the heritage of the Modern Movement: the Van Nelle factory (UNESCO-listing), and Jan Duiker’s Zonnestraal Sanatorium and Open Air School. Sander Nelissen is a Board Member of Docomomo_NL.



Rob Dettingmeijer, Marie-Thérèse van Thoor, Ida van Zijl

Why the book is worth reading?

Originally this book came out with a great exhibition on Rietveld in the Utrecht Museum. Rietveld is one of my favourite architects because of his human, straightforward and always curious approach in which he combined architecture with craftmanship and experiment. The exhibition was great, not in the least because of the videos of Rietveld talking about his own work, which gave excellent inside view in his way of thinking, researching, and looking at things. The book is second best to that experience.