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Glory was at the fingertips

Why the talk is inspiring?

What role do the institutions, such as art schools, galleries, museums and non-governmental projects play in the creative path of an artist in local and international art scenes? How has the cooperation between the artists and institutions been carried out during the last two decades and what is the situation at the moment?

Conversation between sculptor Mindaugas Navakas and the National Gallery of Art director Lolita Jablonskienė.

The talk is held on Thursday, 8.00 p.m. at the National Art Gallery (NDG), Konstitucijos av. 22, Vilnius. Entrance is free of charge.



Mindaugas Navakas (LT), Lolita Jablonskienė (LT)

How the speaker is exceptional?



Evictions: Art and Spatial Politics

Rosalyn Deutsche

Why the book is worth reading?

In her book Rosalyn Deutsche criticises the dominant transdisciplinary discourse by pointing out that it creates an illusion of a harmonious space (exhibition, city, park, institution, identity, etc.) Thus, while trying to hide or disguise, in reality it reveals all that is separated and excluded or that is outside the aforementioned discourse. The author suggests a different conception of the democratic spatial practise in which conflicts are perceived as the constituents of every space.

Recommended by Laima Kreivytė.