#5 THE CITY. Breakpoints

Less is more? Urban Design and the Challenge of Shrinking Cities

Why the talk is inspiring?

In the past two centuries, urban growth has fundamentally changed our way of life and it has shaped our understanding of architecture and planning. But not all cities are part of this process of vast urbanization. Instead, an increasing number of  cities are shrinking today, challenging our conception of urban life and our self-image as architects and planners.



Tim Rieniets

How the speaker is exceptional?

Tim Rieniets is an urban designer, researcher and curator, currently working as a senior lecturer for architecture and urban design at the ETH Zurich. He has published several books (Atlas of Shrinking Cities; City of Collision; Open City: Designing Coexistence) and has curated the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2009 (with Kees Christiaanse)


Shrinking Cities (Part I and II)

Philipp Oswald (ed.)

Why the book is worth reading?

First and most comprehensive investigation of urban shrinkage, including international and multidisciplinary research as well as projects from the fields of architecture, urban design and art.