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#5 THE CITY. Breakpoints

Open-Source Urbanism

Why the talk is inspiring?

Over the past decades, end-users in Western Europe have been kept at a distance from the architectural product. This exclusion has ultimately led to the perversion of urban developments. ‘Open-source’ urbanism on the contrary envisions the inclusion of end-users. By taking use as a starting point, better cities can be made.



August van Oppen, Marc van Asseldonk

How the speaker is exceptional?

Marc van Asseldonk and August van Oppen are two partners of the studio O+A, a young architectural firm in Amsterdam. Winners of Europan 9, the firm is driven by the authentic city and it develops strategies & architecture with economic realism and an eye for mechanisms driving urban development.


The Spontaneous City

Urhahn Urban Design

Why the book is worth reading?