Architecture: Education IN, OF & OFF

Why the talk is inspiring?

Architectural education is always in the turmoil of political, economic and poetic contradictions. The talk is about some trends in architectural education in European, Nordic, Baltic and  Estonian contexts. It also introduces Nordic Academy of Architecture and its recent work within accreditation and quality assurance.



Jüri Soolep [EE]

How the speaker is exceptional?

in the Faculty of Architecture at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Vicerector at The Nordic Academy of Architecture – union of schools of architecture in Northern Europe. The field of interest includes investigations in space and time modes in architectural phenomena, as well as mythical structures and historical meanings of the built world.



Built upon Love: Architectural Longing after Ethics and Aesthetics

Alberto Perez-Gomez

Why the book is worth reading?

Architecture has been, and must continue to be, writes Alberto Pérez-Gómez, built upon love. In recent architectural texts it is a book that amalgamates scholarly architectural theory and history with poetics of human existence and desires. It is a drama in designing, building and enjoying of architecture.