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Mapping controversies in architecture: a new epistemology of practice

Why the talk is inspiring?

Mapping controversies offers a new way of enquiry in architectural research and education, which consists in following, documenting and visualizing ongoing controversies. The lecture will demonstrate how the use of new digital technologies and the huge amounts of available web resources allow tracking both the urban and the social. Moreover, it will showcase how the newest developments in architectural software can improve the analytical and visual potential of controversy mapping.



Albena Yaneva [UK]

How the speaker is exceptional?

Senior Lecturer at The University of Manchester, UK. Co-Director of the Manchester Architecture Research Centre (MARC). Author of recently published books “Made by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture. An Ethnography of Design“ and “The Making of a Building: A Pragmatist Approach to Architecture”. In 2010 Yaneva was awarded the RIBA President’s Award for Outstanding University-located Research.


The Making of a Building. A Pragmatist Approach to Architecture

Albena Yaneva

Why the book is worth reading?

Drawing on rare ethnographical material of architects at work at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) of Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam in the period 2001-2004, this book offers a novel account of the social and cognitive complexity of architecture in the making.