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What exists is a small part of what is possible

Why the talk is inspiring?

In a world where our clashes with our own built and un-built environments put us in ever more challenging positions, architecture must return to inventiveness, ideas and collaboration to react to extreme scenarios.



David A. Garcia [DK]

How the speaker is exceptional?

He is the founder of David Garcia Studio, an architecture practice with focus on experimentation an extreme environments. David A. Garcia is a publisher of MAP (Manual of Architectural possibilities) a publication aiming to merge the fields of science and research on one hand, and architectural design on the other. He teachs at Lund Tech. College, the Royal Danish Academy Arch. School and the The Barlett, UCL, London.


The Drowned World

J.G Ballard

Why the book is worth reading?

In The Drowned World a natural catastrophe causes the real world to transform itself into a dream landscape, causing the central characters to regress mentally. Ballard was able not only to imagine extreme scenarios, often not as fictional as we may think, but also to describe the psychological and spatial implications of challenging environments.