#3 SHOW OFF*: Architecture on Display

Lost in Architecture

Why the talk is inspiring?

If one architectural form is that of show off, it could be the labyrinth, created for no other reason than splendour. But what is more desirable : to conceive a labyrinth, or get lost in it? Nicolas Grospierre will try to show that the answer to this question is actually less evident than it seems, illustrating his demonstration with examples taken out of his artistic practice.



Nicolas Grospierre (CH, PL)

How the speaker is exceptional?

The artist was awarded with Golden Lion award at the 11th Venice Architecture Biennale. His mature conceptual documentary photography and installations are associatively related to the collective memory and heritage of modernist architecture. The author masterfully manipulates the illusion of the endless space, two and thee-dimensional views and scale.



Jorge Luis Borges

Why the book is worth reading?

One of the greatest books of the 20th century. The book you should have with you if you were to spend twenty years trying to exit a labyrinth, and you are getting bored by looking endlessly at the same walls.