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Why the talk is inspiring?

The construction of modern and contemporary art museums is one of the characteristic manifestations of a new cultural policy of the post-communist countries, the policy which embraces specific local needs and ideology as well as the influence and challenges set by the international art context. Undoubtedly national modern art museums primarily are set up to perform a traditional role – to consolidate (sometimes construct anew) their identity (ethnic and historical). On the other hand, this process also echoes an international boom of museum building and the direction of their activities towards infotainment of the consumer society.



Lolita Jablonskienė (LT)

How the speaker is exceptional?

Engaged in writing on contemporary art issues and exhibition curator, since 2002 the head of the National Art Gallery, teacher in Vilnius Academy of Arts, Vice-chairwoman of the Lithuanian Culture and Art Council, member of the Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO.


The Edifice Complex. How the Rich and Powerful – and Their Architects – Shape the World

Deyan Sudjic

Why the book is worth reading?

This book is for the those who know and who don’t know how the worlds’ powerful ones construct our life.