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Vilnius as a museum city

Why the talk is inspiring?

Vilnius as a museum city (this concept crystalised in the XIX century) co-exists both in real and virtual worlds. Recently, public debates on functions and problematics of all museum types in Vilnius – national, municipal or personal – have emerged. Even the general globalisation trends are reflected in the attempt to overshadow the ‚grey‘ local museum institutions by the hypothetical ‚top-class building‘, or launching a representative Website. In other words, Vilnius as a museum city could be determined in the continuum between spectacle and gloom. The today‘s question „Is there a need for one more museum in Vilnius?‘ should be supplimented by a question ‚How the vision of Vilnius museum is stimulating a daily city life, and is it really so?‘ 



Skaidra Trilupaitytė (LT)

How the speaker is exceptional?

Art critic, member of international association of art critics (AICA) and international sociological association (ISA), widely publishes articles on different issues related to art institutions, cultural policy, cultural identity in Lithuanian and foreign academic press. Skaidra is interested in the urban – cultural planning, creative industries, international exchange of intellectual issues.


Cities and Cultures

Malcolm Miles

Why the book is worth reading?

In the book, the interpretation of urban cultures is based on the concept of agonistic politics. Miles reveals controversy and multidisciplinarity of the urban sally spree, instead of the unambiguous imperatives for regeneration which are promoted by the urban elites.